Cows in Ecuador #5 NaPoWriMo 2018

Munching grass rhythms that is what cows do besides lying around. You used to like cows, when they were behind fenced-in-areas. You would look deep into their eyes and knew what they were thinking. You even gave them names. But in Ecuador they roam freely along the side of the road or next to your property. They destroy the bank next to the quebrada, they eat the agaves you had planted, step into the water, brake pipes, lilies, and your favorites white ginger. There are five of them, one of them a calf, who usually trails far behind. When you explain to the young man that this is not an agricultural zone and that he can take the cows to the lagoon a bit further down the dirt road he enthusiastically says “si señora” but pretends he cannot control the cows nor you on the way back from the lagoon.

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