No Such Stories #1

The following prose poetry pieces are part of my new prose poetry limited art edition book called No Such Stories containing 50 prose/poetry images with drawings. I have joined the NaPoWriMo 2018 project to write a poem a day for 30 days.
This is #1 for April 1st.


Thus I have heard, that you love to write about clouds but the others say, “we do not want to hear about one more cloud”. Clouds overcrowd their doubtful minds. They are short tempered and want you to move on. They say you are merely a puppet of the sky. But for you, clouds are like honey mixed with orange sweet mandarin juice carefully spread on your naked body for your husband to feed on. For you, clouds cry out home, I am home. From pure white puffed up cotton consuming the sun to stretched-out yellow spills of water over moonlight, from red-orange leafy veins and imaginary foxes to dark capped cloaks of soundness and perhaps doom, the clouds are your witness of the witness.

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