Cows Without Men

Someone has to talk about cows
A walk to the Rio Paute, Uzhupud, Ecuador

25 cows in the field
25 young and mature girls
Rouse, en masse
Towards the fence, a one-wire

Nellie #28 pushes girls aside
I stare at her, the poet, lost
In the swoons of milky black and white
Young girls, stocky girls, mothers
Pink udders full
Stopping, firm
Right at the one-wire fence

If they push one step more
Towards me
The wire will snap in two
I am not really safe
A wire-away

Look, look again
The one next to Nellie has a tag
Marked F4
I think she is fucked.

The Rio Paute roars in my ears
My eyes fall out
I do not hesitate a moment longer
I don’t want to come back
As a cow grazing in this valley of grass

2 thoughts on “Cows Without Men

  1. Ahhh, your words evoke similar feelings in me, in spite of the fact that I know cows to be docile and gentle and unlikely to hurt you – unless they think you threaten their calf. This is a delightful piece of country experience.

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